With the development of technology, our whole lives are changing. Homes and offices, where we spend most of our time, are keeping pace with this change. Now Smart Buildings and even Smart Cities are moving to the centre of the world’s attention.

Given the assumption that life expectancy in cities worldwide will reach 70% in 2050, it is assumed that urban infrastructures will not be sufficient for the population. It is generally assumed that this problem can be solved by designing sustainable cities. Especially with the increased environmental awareness, ecological problems have become more noticeable. Given the advantages of technological developments in this area, intelligent systems have therefore been used to increase the quality of life of the population.

Fer Yapı’s projects emphasise the structuring of cities to meet needs such as energy efficiency, sustainability, infrastructure, transport and safety.

  • Building monitoring, auditing, reporting of the IT infrastructure
  • Entry and exit tracking through card systems
  • Visual recording system
  • Covid-19 digital information systems
  • Adaptive heating-cooling system management
  • Instant vehicle tracking in car parks
  • Shared use of archive and storage space in the buildings,
  • Emergency management system
  • Intelligent lighting applications
  • Shared meeting and training rooms, conference and cinema spaces for space saving and energy efficiency,
  • Designs that make maximum use of sunlight,
  • Intelligent control systems that allow remote access to the office
  • Meeting and seminar rooms that are energy efficient and easy to organise, integrated with the building software
  • Social areas that only consume energy when in use
  • Energy-saving system that shuts down the entire energy system when the user is not present.
  • Special areas that can be used without having to buy square metres
  • Office Storage service

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