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With Fer Yapı for the first time in Turkey.

The new trend in the world is the campus office concept, its horizontal layout and large-scale office spaces that this structure brings, its employee-oriented design and its large and spacious Campus Square and Garden for the first time in Turkey… Premier Kampus Office with its spacious green areas that give the feeling of a park, a place where you can find many things, from gourmet restaurants to cafes, bank branches to venues for social activities, break room, gym, pocket cinema, archive room, meeting and conference hall, are in a quality that exceeds both your and your employees’ expectations…


What is the Campus Office concept?

Various researches have been conducted for a successful office life in the world and as a result of these researches, the campus office concept was discovered which is a brand new invention. Many major companies, especially the leading companies of America, built their own campus offices and became the leading brands of this trend. The campus office concept is characterised worldwide by three core values: To follow the innovations of technology, to place a high value on social life and to focus on efficiency in all areas. The new trend in the world can be found for the first time in Turkey with the campus office concept, the horizontal structure and the large office spaces of this structure, the employee-oriented design and the large and spacious campus square and garden.
Premier Campus Office,

has received the Leed Gold certificate

Premier Kampus Office, the first and only project in Turkey brought to life with the concept of “Kampus Office”, received the LEED Gold certificate awarded to environmentally friendly buildings since March 2017. The project received the certificate for its green spaces, effective heating and cooling solutions and the use of materials whose negative impact on the environment is minimised. Premier Kampus Office proves that it is a smart, efficient and social office complex as well as environmentally friendly by receiving the LEED Gold certificate.
Premıer Campus Offıce

The new trend of the world, the campus office living space, is in Kagıthane.

0 m2
Building area
% 0


Metro 50 m
TEM 800  m
Piyalepaşa-Kâğıthane Tunnel 1,4 km
E-5 Okmeydanı Access  30 dk
Bosphorus Bridge  12 km
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge  15 km
Atatürk Airport  20 km

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